Windows XP Help Required - Virtual Memory

    I have had this message pop up:

    'Virtual Memory is Running Low'

    I remember having this before and going to some settings, clicking a box (something that doesnt limit the virtual memory) and gets it sorted.

    Can someone direct me to the right settings?

    Cheers, Rob.



    Google would have told you in seconds, for future reference :thumbsup:

    Google for "increase virtual memory XP", it'll show you the way.

    You shouldn't be running low on virtual memory, though. That you are means you've not got enough physical memory installed (we like physical memory - it runs at 2000MB/s, while virtual is just a chunk of harddisk that only runs at about 20MB/s), that you've got waaaaay too much running simultanteously (it's worth a clearout of your startup list at this point, hit "msconfig" into the Run box, click the Startup tab, and disable everything, reboot, and if anything you like seems to be missing, back into msconfig to re-enable them individually), or that you've got an app that's misbehaving. Virtual Memory's a last resort for Windows, somehtng that it uses because although it's hellishly slow, it's better than a crash, so you want to avoid it as best as possi le.



    Google answers almost every question here in seconds, then what would we … Google answers almost every question here in seconds, then what would we do all day if people went their for their answers :roll:

    True. There are some questions asked which Google can't always give you straight answers too or may be a bit baffling to the novice. In this case, when you have the error message and you've fixed the problem previously then there's no excuse not to use Google.

    Not complaining mind, just trying to help the guy out for future reference should he need a quicker fix than a forum post.
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