Windows XP Home Edition SP2

    Hi, I was just wondering if there were any decent deals going on on Windows XP. I ve seen OEM versions that are significantly cheaper - what are they and can they be installed on any laptop/PC?

    Thanks in advance! :thumbsup:


    OEM versions of software is usually just the cd(and code if required for the software) and has no retail documents or packaging. It is for system builders really.

    In answer to will it install on any pc/laptop, yes as long as it meets the minimum requirements.

    Be warned I know of alot of people whom have trouble activating windows if using the same oem version again on the same or different system. Usually resolved by phoning Microsoft in India(always fun). The Retail version is probably the best to go for as it is less probelmatic than the OEM version.

    I'd personnel go for the OEM but be warned that you might have probelms activating it if used to reinstall after using it once.

    [COLOR=black]The cheapest I could find Windows XP Home OEM Inc Service Pack 2 for was £60.83 including delivery at Savastore[/COLOR]


    Or MicroDirect with a free mouse bundle: ]http//ww…479

    Buy through QuidCo to earn cashback at either store.

    Original Poster

    Oh thanks for the links everyone - much appreciated!

    For your attention - if you need to reinstall windows you do not need to reactivate... unless you are significantly changing the hardware that you are using.

    There is a guide >here

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