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My Mum needs a laptop but has only just got to grips with Windows XP. She only needs a basic machine but I've only managed to find vista machines for £270 upwards. The cheapest XP equipped machine is a £330 Vostro from Dell.

Has anyone seen a £300 or so XP machine?


Crikey, finding laptops with XP is getting harder by the day

I tried checking morgan and sterlingxs - who do a lot of refurbs, but sometimes get end-of-line stock: and didnt have any joy - if anyone knows any others who do similar you may get luckier.

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It is amazing how many are beign sold with vista and only 512 Ram. XP isnt the best on 512 so I've no idea how slow it is wioth 512 on vista!

I agree entirely, but I am fortunate: I'm a university student, and my department has a full MSDN subscription, so we get all MS software (barring office and windows mce, I think) for nothing, so only have to factor in the hassle of installing.

Try business section at dell.co.uk....got a cracker recently with XP and 1GB ram for £300 delivered....think it was called integra
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