Windows XP Student Edition

Found 10th Jan 2009
Where can i purchase a legit copy?
Needs to be cheap...cant find it on the MS website
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There is no such thing as XP Student Edition.

Some Microsoft software (like Vista and Office) can be purchased very cheaply via offfers for those in full time education.

But now that Vista is out Microsoft have stopped selling XP so you will have to buy it from somewhere like ebay.

This was the offer for Office but not sure if it is still going.

There is such thing.
I have an XP Student edition backup Student edition means its used on more than one machine (i.e in colleges etc), so therefore, does not require activating
From searching round the web there is a mention of the XP Student edition, but I think it was just XP Pro at a special price for students.

The product also seems to be on a number of torrent sites so it makes me wonder if there is also a pirate version called "XP Student Edition" which as you say, avoids activation.

Either way, I am not sure Microsoft would be selling XP to anyone at the moment, they are trying to move everyone to Vista.

Here is XP Student on Amazon (upgrade), and as you can see it is just XP Pro at a special price.

Theres no such thing! ...although a place of education might have MS products on a "Select" agreement
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