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Found 30th Jan 2007
Now that Vista is coming out, I'm hoping that Windows XP will come down in price as I'm needing a XP CD (thanks to the manufacturer of my last computer failing to supply a Windows XP CD, despite me paying extra for it and trying to get one for ages).

I'm looking for a CD that I can put into my computer after I've formatted the Hard Drive (i.e. no existing Operating System or any other data installed) and will do a fresh, clean install of Windows XP. Home's all I need really, but it must be legitimate with a legitimate Serial Number etc..

Where's the best place to get one? I've tried Ebay but frankly the item descriptions are pretty confusing.

Thanks for any help.
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You could always 'obtain' a Student XP disc. Doesn't require a serial (as its used for schools) because it would be installed on lots of machines :thumbsup:
I'm in a similar situation, the best i have found is for Windows XP Home OEM inc sp2 for around 55 pounds, which is alot of money when you consider Vista Home Basic OEM is about the same price :s

Anyways, i usually go with [url]www.ebuyer.com[/url]
Thanks for this folks.

Birdyboy, do you know if that would install on a blank system?

The reason I need it is because every three months or something I like to have a total format and reinstall of my OS to keep it running tip-top.
I had my hard drive reformatted and xp installed and it works a treat

I had my hard drive reformatted and xp installed and it works a treat

Yeah but you get different versions of it, so I need to be sure I get the right one (i.e. not an upgrade version etc.).
I am sure I saw one of these on here somewhere last week for £99. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
Gaz - yea

Gaz - yea

Cheers pal, will have a look out for that.
OOps, posted in the wrong bit.

Gaz I don't want to give you the wrong info. So I will wait for someone else to help you. I got someone to do my PC and I am pretty sure he used windows 98 and then the upgrade of XP home, which i had already bought without realising it would not be compatible with my windows 2000 pro. I am sure some boffin will be along soon with all the tech help
How do i start my own thread asking for a deal request?
Again i agree with birdy. I use the school disc it's great all you do is pop in the disk and boots up perfectly. I tend to reformat alot too! It's the best way to do it!

How do i start my own thread asking for a deal request?

I just bought an XP pro disc from ebid for £40 delivered- it had a genuine code with it too.

I had my hard drive wiped an installed it fresh - it works fantastically and as its a genuine code it updates too!

I got ahem a not so genuine service pack 2 disc in the bundle too and I installed them at the same time. They both run off the same code and work brilliantly.

PM me and I can give you the name of the seller

Same items on ebay were fetching over £80!

A bargain me thinks ;-)
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