Windscreen Crack

    Does anyone know where i can get my windscreen fixed? It was chipped by a little stone whilst i was driving on the motorway, i've heard places like tesco do it for free...? I'm in Birmingham btw


    Have you chacked your insurance they might be able to help you out, most insurers dont charge excess for this! Do you have a autoglass nearby as they wont charge you they just claim from the insurer and has no affect on you no claims or anything. Look here



    Autoglass, they will repair first and replace for a small fee via your insurance company you can book online, and they come out to your house

    Is it cracked? or is it chipped?

    If it's cracked, contact your insurance company to organise a replacement screen. If it's only chipped, many supermarkets have these guys in their car parks ready & waiting.

    Good luck.

    When this happened to me I phoned my insurance company, who then arranged for the company who they used to get in touch with me to arrange a convenient time to come out and repair the chip. (and it didn't cost me anything)

    ASDA have them on weekends!!

    Phone your local Tesco, Asda or Homebase and ask when the next free windscreen repair session will be on. Large stores let Autoglass set up a couple of times a month, sometimes more frequently, in their car parks.

    My local Asda have them at least every weekend.

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    yeh its just a small chip, thank you everyone for your help!
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