Windscreen washer not coming out (Citroen C4 Picasso 2011)

Posted 20th Jan 2022
My windscreen washer jets were working fine up until about a week ago. The other day, I decided to top the bottle up and then try it out. When I pull on the washer lever, I can hear a noise of it trying to work, but no liquid is coming out. I've already inserted a needle into the washer jets and used a can of compressed air on them, but still no wash is coming out.

I've looked online, and the windscreen washer pump and bottle is situated underneath the front arch on the driver's side. One video had removed the front right wheel first, before removing the plastic wheel arch covering to get to the washer pump, etc, but somebody else said that you could just turn the wheel towards the left to gain access (rather than having to remove the wheel).

I have seen that the fuse for the washer pump is located on the right side under the bonnet - I'm not sure if the fuel has blown/is about to blow as I do hear a noise when I pull the windscreen washer lever towards me - could it still be the fuse that needs replacing?

My MOT is booked in for next Thursday, but would like to get this sorted before then, as I think it would cost a lot more at the garage. I have ordered a new replacement washer pump from eBay, in case it is that which needs replacing - it didn't cost too much, so if not needed, I will either return it or sell it on myself.

Has anybody actually replaced the windscreen washer pump on a Citroen C4 Picasso and were they able to do it without having to remove the front right wheel? Would it be worth checking the fuse first (even though the lever is making a noise when pulled)? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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