Windscreen water infection risk

    Windscreen water infection risk - Windscreen wiper water may be the cause of 20% of cases of Legionnaires' Disease in England and Wales, the Health Protection Agency says.

    Stagnant, warm water is a breeding ground for the Legionella bacterium, which when inhaled causes pneumonia.

    Yet adding screenwash kills the bacteria and could save lives, the Agency advised…stm


    i saw this story and went, meh, idiots don't use screenwash.

    Screenwash? I've been using weak lemon drink from my flask.

    Would have thought the risk is very low, you have to not have screenwash in your bottle, have your window open when using your wiper spray. Yet more scare mongering imho

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    maybe, only a while back I saw that a man in Dover had died from legionaires disease, and instantly wondered if it was some office block air con system pumping out lurgy and if anyone else would cop it. Having had pneumonia I don't relish getting it again, took me 6 months to recover properly.

    How about we all promise to not drink screenwash or to lick to screen?

    Maybe the water companies should start putting screenwash in the water supply that would solve the problem

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    white van man

    They found that those most at risk were those who drove or travelled in a van, those who drove through industrial areas, and those who spent a lot of time in the car or who often had the car window open

    People who are more at risk anyway are more likely to sucumb to this latest risk. For the rest its largely another scare story. Sells some newspapers and screen wash.

    is that why the fly's and bugs are always dead on the windscreen? do they all die of pneumonia and legionaires disease

    Best advice;

    Don't lick Beau Geste!

    Having read a lot of Ben Goldacre's stuff I can't take any reports like this too seriously anymore. He has turned me into a complete cynic with regards to this kind of 'scientific' report.

    If you worry about such things:
    the most likely place to contract the bacterium is in your own shower, so keep the tiles and shower head clean and shiny, the bacteria sit on the warm damp surface, we breath in the vapour. Many homes still have water tanks in the loft this can be problematic if the water is allowed to stagnate eg if the house isnt occupied for a few weeks so flush thru the bath/toilet water for a while, the cold kitchen tap shouldn't be a problem as it is mains water not from the same tank. Good ventilation is important . Keep yourself healthy and active unhealthy /infirm people contract or suffer most
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