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Found 22nd Oct 2009
The older I get the less beer I drink. So much so, that I've found myself starting to really quite like wine. Now rather than nip down to the offy or Asda for my plonk, someone suggested why not join a wine club and have it delivered to your door.

So for vaious reasons i think I will, but I havent a clue where to start.

Any suggestions or recommendations?

Is Virgin wine a good club?

Cheers for any reply
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Laithwaites sell good wine but they're expensive. Virgin are no better than the average supermarket but are usually a fair bit more expensive. Laithwaites sell under a variety of different names (Sunday Times Wine Clud, Nectar Wine Club and several others). It should be possible to get low cost (15 bottles for around £50) sample cases from each of them! A good starter and you can see what they're like.

Virgin also do much the same sort of offers as do Naked Wines (run by Virgin's former MD, I think). You'll get an idea of the quality and their normal prices.

agree on the expensive comment, but just use them when they have special … agree on the expensive comment, but just use them when they have special offers and they're not too bad, just recently I had an offer through the post for £50 off a 15 bottle case usually retailing for £100, so 15 bottles of quality wine @ £3.34 a bottle.(and a free corkscrew if i took the offer before 31st Oct)

I've had quite a few specials from Laithwaites and their wines have always been good, certainly at 15 for £50.

A couple of the wines that I've had from Virgin are down there with the £2.50 a bottle stuff from Asda. :whistling: The odd thing is that Virgin seem quite happy to publish the bad reviews (at least some of them) on their website. And, overall, Virgin wines just aren't as good as Laithwaites.

Occasionally, Tesco have a reasonable wine in their 3 for £10 offers - not at present though and probably not again until after Christmas!
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