Found 10th Mar 2012
Strange Question this, but can someone recommend some stores which sell decently priced but quality wine glasses?

I mean, it seems to me that you either go to Ikea/Wilkos etc for the cheap stuff or there's a massive step up to the nose-in-the-air shops where they just cost too much. Am I missing a trick?

All help gratefully received! Ta


Beer goggles are better.

marks and spencer 4 pack 9.50

we've got these from Sainsbury's, look nice, good price and not too delicate or to chunky.…799

still on offer too

The best quality wine glasses I have ever bought are Riedel - usually really expensive, but I got a set from Home Bargains ages ago. I think I have seen Riedel glasses in TK Maxx before for a reasonable price. I have bought some decent mid-range glasses from TK Maxx in the past too.

(click here) Cargo's essential wine glasses are surprisingly great quality, considering their (weirdly) tiny price tag

edinburgh crystal in debenhams -good quality and classic


wow,seems u have fetish on bottles,me,too btw.wanna do some wine bottles collection..

try argos the do a lovely set of 4 wine glasses with different coloured stems

Original Poster

Thanks for the responses all.

Riedel - Yeah, these are lovely - I've seen them at vineyards before but they are mega expensive. I will take a peek at TKs.

Sainsbos - A good shout. They do have one set that look decent.

Cargos - never heard of the place but interesting shop. The cheaper stuff isn't my style unfortunately.

M&S - I'll pop in and have a look.

Argos - Not too blown away by the section if I'm honest. Looking for something quite classic.
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