wine in a keg?

    i was just wondering if there is any wine company who deliver wine in say a cooled keg like cooled water in a large quantity say 30 gallon to your home, and when its empty they just come and refill it ,as im fed up of buying a box 3litres of wine and 2 days later its gone obviously it would have to be a reasonable in price and worth it,and no im not a alcoholic.,i just love my wine and no i dont want to do home brew coz its bobbins.


    The first step is admitting you have a problem.

    3 litres every two days?! :oops:

    I had a look and it seems that the kegs are very expensive to start with, and you would have a massive fee for that. Also, you get 19x 750ml bottles per keg, once the keg has been opened and air got into it, surely the wine would start to go stale and on the 4th day onwards taste rather horrid.
    I would stick to the boxes and wait for Tescos or whoever to have a good deal on and stock up - you get tesco clubcard points aswell then.

    I'll try and get an number for ]these guys :thumbsup:


    1.5l every 2 days is still a bottle a day - EACH

    you my friend have a problem!
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