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    Not so much of a deal request, but an advice request. Anyone able to reccomend a wine club??

    I'm no wine buff, but I do like a glass of cheapish wine now and again. I don't really get paying £250 for a case of 6, just cheapish stuff (although I am sure that you do get what you pay for!)

    I've looked at the tesco wine club site, and see you can get 1500 clubcard points when you spend more than £55, but other than that what else are people members of?


    Over the last 5 years I've been buying wine from many different suppliers. However, I've always come back to Laithwaites (I love their £20 off £64 codes) and top quality wine for around £3.50 a bottle (I always buy it from the inroductory offer or the "bin ends" section of the websites).

    Waitrose wine online is quality as is Majestic wine ...the former allow use of the John Lewis vouchers published on here....the latter has free delivery and a good range that come highly recommended.

    I would also recommend signing up at This will send you a mail every 6 weeks or so to let you know what is good and where to get it for the best price. Apart from that, tesco, waitrose, virgin have a £40 off introductory offer on this site somewhere, laithewaites and majestic all good. M&S sometimes has good stuff too.

    Right now I am into Tesco Finest Tingleup riesling, Villa Maria Sauv blanc and Tinto d'Anfora
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