WINNER - Birdyboyuk!!! Free Giveaway! Skins Series 1 DVD Boxset! Pop your name down for a chance to get lucky ;) (with me) :-D

Well i'm feeling awfully generious today so I thought i'd giveaway my Skins Series 1 DVD Boxset as a little Easter Present from me to a lucky HUKD Member! Boxset is a little scuffy round edges of slip case but discs are near mint so can complain! Just make one post per person! I said one post! in this thread and you'll get entered into the giveaway. I'll use that oh so common to generate a winner by 3rd April 3:33pm!

Conditions are for members to have at least 500 Posts and a Member of the site from Jan 09 Or before! Lurkers you should have joined! Hehe Gotta love the easter spirit


i think this is a good deal but cant enter as i dont have enoughposts

Add me please :-)

Stick me down for a chance to win... thanks :thumbsup:

[SIZE=1]"put me down" on the list thanks[/SIZE] :thumbsup:

and me please =)


i think this is a good deal but cant enter as i dont have enoughposts

Me either!
Did you not mean 150 posts

oooh me eligible, goody :thumbsup:

Very kind. I'm in please

It's my birthday tomorrow... by rights I should win! - If I do this is going to awfully suspect now!

random number 11 will win!

I love skins please add me


Add me please ;-)

Yes please! I love this show, great story lines / sound track

count me in please - have never seen it and would be a good opportunity to start


Rep'd for the great generosity,

Add me please

Please put me in too! Havent seen it and now theres no excuse if I win! :thumbsup:

me please!!

Me plz!!

Add me please

count me in please


Yes please!!

Very generous. Add me please. Thanks. :thumbsup:


add me please

never seen it, thanks

very kind of you but if i win give it to the person below me thank you

Add me please.

Is this the one with frogs and chickens in?

me please thats nice of you x

count me in.x

me 2 please

Im in! :-D

Awfully generous of you! :thumbsup:…ime

I'm in yours, you wanna enter mine? :whistling: (no homo)

could i be included please?


what a generous offer, I'd like to be included please

Add me as well please

Yes please fella :thumbsup:


oooh the suspence is killing me :-D

oh since hes not done it count me in if im in time hah

i'm in too do u have inbetweeners too?
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