Winners of any posted comp's

    I've posted a few comp's on the site and have had 1 reply saying, thanks I won this.
    Anyone else a winner?


    I've had quite a few varying comp wins - but alas none from this site as yet. But with all the good comps that Missgem is posting I think times should now be changing for the better.
    There is the point that if you enter a lot of comps from varying sources you wouldn't remember who posted it and where it was posted, so its difficult to thank the poster many months down the line.
    I think once you have posted it that's your good deed done. (It's always better to give than receive my old dad says)
    The site is very slow this am isn't it.:(
    I'm not sure but shouldn't this be in the Misc section rather than feedback

    Moved to misc as Feedback is for HUKD issues only.

    I've never won any comps posted on here, but have on QuidCo

    I`ve won an MP3 player through a Doritos comp on here. I did thank the poster, but it was an instant win competition, which made it easier.

    Like RetiredCynic says, though, the amount of time it takes a lot of these comps to be drawn makes it hard to remember who to thank. I`ve won some other competitions, off my own back, that the prize turned up 8 weeks after the draw (and sometimes not at all :().

    Also, I`ve received prizes that had no return address or identifying paperwork with them. So, I`ve no clue which comp they came from. X)

    somebody here won an ipad in the sunday times comp recently

    Won a couple of the Real Deal comps I've posted. Had thanks from 1 person saying they'd won £25,000 on a GMTV comp & another for £5,000 on Real Deal.

    I've had thanks from people on mse for 2 x £5,000 Take Me Out wins, 1 x £5,100 Real Deal Win + consoles, mobiles, a guitar, scooter & other gadgets from Shortlist competitions.
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