Winnie the Pooh and Tigger just died....

    in my oven, didn't realise the little one had put a mega block with tigger and pooh in the oven, turned it on to heat it up for the chicken, wondered wtf that smell was, opened the oven to put it in and here they 2 are melting on the bottom of my oven, have managed to get the majority off but dunno what to do about the little bits still stuck on, ahh a relaxing Saturday afternoon.


    Should have took a pic for here lol.

    Original Poster

    See funnily enough I just thought that when I was posting this, seeing the 2 of them lying melting was very funny, was a huge pool of red plastic that looked like blood, damn shoulda took a pic.

    tigger murderer!

    Rip :-(

    boo hoo boo hoo you both will be forever in my heart
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