Posted 28th Sep 2022
Where is the best place to get a winter hoodie / which one is good t wear for winter months

Online or instore

All info would very much appreciated
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    i'm guessing that you might mean for working outdoors? if so Screwfix & Arco have hoodies from different brands. signing up to the websites used to give you a discount voucher, but not sure if that still happens.
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    An indoor one? Primark do a snood which is really warm and oversized.
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    If it's for the harsh winter, I would personally get a fleece and a hat
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    If it's for outdoor remember to layer up a wind/waterproof coat over the top.

    Personally I'd rather add a base layer like a thermal vest/long sleeved top and have a normal hoody on top.
    Allows for a lot more flexibility and cheaper if you damage or wear it out.
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    Thanks! I was asking any specific hoodies that are good in the winter
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    Costco have some online £18.99 don’t know if they would be good for winter though, probably more autumn.…742
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    How about these from Lidl - not sure how easy it would be to remove the logo though