Winter sun abroad in december?

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Found 3rd Jul 2010
Wanting to go away just before christmas on a hot holiday but not sure which countires are best to go around this time? Is the weather in Egypt hot any good in december?

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Quick google found this

Egypt Weather
Egypt is a country bathed in almost perpetual sunshine the whole year round, the days are warm and hot and the nights are cool. During the summer months the climate in the inland desert areas can vary widely from 7C at night, to 43C during the day. Temperatures in the coastal regions in resorts such as Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada will usually see an average of 14C during winter and around 30C in the summer. The summer months from May until August will see Egypt gaining around 12 hours of constant sunshine per day. Rainfall in Egypt is very low with less that 80mm per year and prevailing northern winds can take the edge of the heat.

Would have thought be right into the southern hemisphere before finding hot wether in the 'winter'

This may help…6yA

I'd say central/south america or southern asia would be your best bet.

Have a look at tenerife, ive been many times in november, december and over xmas and always had decent weather bar the odd cloudy day here and there


you know how the equator works dont you?

pick a spot.......too many countries to suggest

Florida is warm all year round.

Australia :L

Tunisia, Morrocco, The Gambia ..................
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