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Found 12th Oct 2017
Hi there, I have a rear wheel drive BMW 1 series with runflats 245 35 18 on the back and 225 40 18s on the front. I have been recommended some winter tyres by BMW, and they insist the new winter runflat tyres will be alright with 4 of the same tyre profile. Surely this is wrong? Surely I have to have bigger tyres on the back than the front? Can anyone give me some sort of advice before I purchase them? I only plan to purchase as the last couple of years my car was pretty much useless in snow/ice near me in the countryside, and I don't want that to happen again.

Thanks in advance
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Summer and winter tyres sizes should be listed in the cars handbook, what does it state? And sometimes on the B pillar.
I've got a merc and I'm pretty sure my winter tyres are the same all round whereas my normal tyres are much wider on the rear. I can tell you for sure they make a massive difference though, I had a BMW before and once had to abandon it 20 metres from my house as I had no grip (I was good at rocking it with the clutch when stuck in snow but it was truly stuck that time) but winter tyres mean you can pretty much drive anywhere. I picked up a set of barely worn alloys with winter tyres fitted so it's just a matter of swapping them when winter comes. And as you probably know, you'll need a minimum of 16" or 17" rims to fit over your calipers.
I have a current model BMW 118i with runflat tyres - they are all the same size 225/45 17 .

Further to above , just looked at the BMW brochure that I still have . Mine has the 17" 7J wheels (its a 118i Sport} - The M Sport and M140i Models have 18" wheels 7.5J on the front 8J on the rear . I would have thought that you can get like for like replacements in the same size winter tyres . I should ask them to double check and maybe get a second and third opinion from a couple of tyre fitting companies (Formula 1 / Halfords/ Kwik Fit etc )
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If you must then there is nothing to stop you fitting silly oversized 18" winter wheels and tyres.

You'd be better off though fitting the smallest that you can. And no need for staggered sizes.
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Spoke to a mate down the pub who has a Merc (recently bought from a Merc main dealer - 3 years old ) it has 7.5Js all round -though it should have 8Js on the rear (according to the spec ) . Took him a month to notice ! On checking tyre prices he twigged why .

The 7.5 J tyres fit the wheels fine ( same wheels for 8J as 7.5 J apparently ) - The problem he found was that the 8J tyres are nearly twice as expensive as they are a very rare beast to find (only made by Continental and I think he said Pirelli ) .

Anyway he had it out with the Merc dealer and they finally agreed (after an awful lot of bluster lasting several days ) to fit 8J tyres and admitted they had fitted new 7.5 's to get it through the MOT as they were perfectly legal (and much cheaper ) !

So nothing to do with your question on winter tyres really but it seems 7.5 J winter tyres would be perfectly legal and if you could find 8J winter tyres for the rears you could well find they are prohibitively expensive (if runflats are infact made at all in the 8J size )
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