Winter Vomiting Bug

    I have been afflicted with the winter vomiting bug and can i say if you are near anybody that has it run away very fast as i can say it is one of the worst illnesses i have ever had!
    I am a fit 43 year old man who feels like i have the strength of a baby,i pity the older generation or young children if they get it.YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
    Back to bed i go.


    Stay away with your GERMS!!!!!

    I was ill from new years day for about a week, just a fever but that was bad enough. I hate being ill.

    Get well soon!

    get better soon mike -:thumbsup:

    [FONT="Verdana"]I know what you mean mate - I've been off my feet for ages with a bad case of tonsillitis and I'm only starting to feel better now with a course of strong antibiotics.

    Hope you get back on your feet soon mate & take care.

    Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:[/FONT]


    hope you get better real soon mike, i was ill all over xmas with this bad cold, its just going now and i had it 4 weeks, the cough was horrendous with it, but thankfully never got this sickness bug

    Yuk, if I ever get a sickness bug it reminds me of being pregnant when I was sick every ½hr for 48 hours, OK for 3 days and then it would start all over again and it lasted for 12 weeks!! Only good thing about a sickness bug now is that it puts me right off having any more children - I HATE being sick, hope you feel better soon.

    hope you get better soon mike

    ho[e you get better soon plenty of fluids use rehydrate or flat coke and up to 8 Loperimide in a day if your not on any other meds
    get back to bed and dont forget to wipe your hands before getting back on the keyboard LOL

    Get better soon

    Just picked up my daughter from nursery and got handed a letter saying they've had cases of it there. Fingers crossed that she hasn't caught anything

    Had it for couple of days now. Although I have felt nauseous and feverish my problem has kept me close to the bathroom rather than the bowl. Hope mine is shortlived and hope yours is better soon. Not sure how long it stays infectious for. Last week saw a friend who had apparently just recovered from it. Maybe they were still infectious.
    Get well soon

    Aww I hope you feel better soon. I had it back in October and it was horrendous- not fun. Wrap up warm and stick to water/flat coke/ toast etc!
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