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Posted 20th Oct
just moved into a new build and the virgin hub 3 router is at the front far corner of the house. signal and speed deteriorate quickly as you move 1/2 rooms away and much of the signal is lost going into the road.

luckily ingot the developer to hardwire RJ45 cat6 to virtually every room so I have a decent 100mbps by cable.

the house is about 2300 sq ft over two floors (around 15m wide and 15m deep). also need the signal to reach my ring floodlight on the garage which is approx 20m away in a straight diagonal line as the crow flies.

I though wired wireless access points would be the best way to go, used the ubiquiti unifi platform a few years ago at my parents house (3 aps) and it works well but I don't have PoE here.

any suggestions? I seem to have dead spots at the back and garage side of the property so guess I need around 3 mesh aps
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Ubiquiti AC should come with a PoE injector.

For example

Could have just got some google WiFi, bt WiFi or those tenda ones
Ubiquiti AC lite, you can pick up a cheap Ubiquiti POE switch for like £50 off eBay (or use the provided injectors as @4Real2016 mentioned).
Ubiquity AC pro imo depending on how large property is if central the building I reckon could cover the whole of it and a retail one from Amazon comes with the Poe injector to power it.
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