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Can someone please recommend a wireless card to fit in the back of my PC?
Preferably wireless ac standard and with a reasonable antenna.

EDIT: my current broadband speed is 100mbps, but will probably be going to 200mbps.
The wifi dongle I currently use is an old Netgear wireless N which is giving me a downspeed of around 35mps according to so the new wireless card will need to be capable of a much faster speed / throughput.

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Make sure you're not confusing Mb/s with MB/s. I believe speed test will be telling you MB/s but your provider advertises Mb/s (Mbps). There is a big difference between the two, a factor of 8.

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Confused over whether I need an ac 1300 or something else.


Confused over whether I need an ac 1300 or something else.

It's MIMO so the more aerials the higher the rating. The only difference is speed to price.…DJA
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