wireless adapter

    Hello all,

    I've just got meself some new whizzy fast broadband :thumbsup:

    My old broadband was fine with my existing BT Voyager 1010 wireless adapter, but it seems to be throttling my new one, what with it's usb 1.1 interface, and the old max speeds.

    Soooo, i'm looking to buy a new one, and wondered if you could advise on whether I should be looking at a new usb one, or PCI (I have a spare usb port and a PCI slot, so either would be ok) I've been looking at the d-link DWL-G122 and the Philips SNU6500, and also the PCI Netgear WG311GE

    Any advice would be most welcome, and of course if you also know where I can get a good deal then that would be useful too ;-)

    Many thanks,

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