Wireless adapter for the 360 or a rather long ethernet cable (6m)

    I am after a deal for the xbox 360 adapter, but not willing to pay the £55.00 or whatever ridiculous amount it is. Does anyone know of any deals at the moment, or know if it can be purchased a lot cheaper.

    Failing that, can you buy Ethernet cables in lengths of 6m+

    Any suggestions welcome, thanks in advance



    If your looking for the cheapest option, the cables are a few pounds to buy from Amazon sellers or ebay, I use a 20 metre RJ45 cable myself so it'll be no problem finding finding one around the right size
    Cheapest price for an official wireless seams to be £38.99 at Coolshop ]http//ww…360

    Network cables can be bought very cheaply. They tend to come in 5M or 10 Meter + just about any length you would like. Maplins is a good dealer, or . I have even bought them from B&Q before now. £55 is stupid for these wireless adaptors. Also you will find that the connection is better via cable as you dont have to encrypt it :-)
    Oh you could also try for cables, use the search phrase network patch cable

    I have an officail wireless xbox adaptor that you can have for £45 if you want it.…r-3

    i posted a deal for this the other day, you can get it for 35.10 if you can price match at pcworld to tesco, where it is listed at £39, instore and online. I bought it the other day and it beats a long cable for me anyday.

    If you take your xbox to other people's house's then id def go for the wireless, and likewise if youre planning on moving the xbox around the house then go wireless. But if you know where your xbox is gonna be for the forseeable future, and its gonna stay there, go for an ethernet cable!

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all of your advice, much appreciated.

    Joey2cool, you have just earned Microsoft another £35.10


    hehe i hope they put it to better use than vista xD
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