wireless adapter help

    evening all

    we have orange broadband (bad i know)

    but our iventel wireless adapter is broken

    orange have quoted us £25

    surely you can get these cheaper? it doesnt have to be a inventel does it?

    any links to cheaper options would be great



    are you in contract?

    You can get any USB wireless adapter, they're only just over a fiver so not breaking the bank really! Would hassle Orange for a free one though, worth a shot. £25 is a rip off so don't buy whatever they're offering
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    they should replace it for you as you are paying rental on it.

    just re read your post, do you mean the Live Box, if not, someone posted this deal [img][/img]
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    Original Poster

    its the thing that connect to that box wirelessly

    anyone have any links of cheap ones?

    orange wont budge
    there useless

    One linked on the front page from dealextreme £5 for a N adapter
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