Wireless adapter or Wireless usb dongle thing

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Found 24th May 2008
Iam not sure which one is best, im wanting to move this old desktop to my room and was just about to buy a usb dongle thing but then wondered if an adapter would give me a better and faster signal.

please educate me


Id say there is little difference in signal strength and quality between the two BUT with a dongle you have more flexibilty as you can use it with a usb extension and position better for the signal reception say your pc is under a desk or other things that may obstruct the signal you can work around more easily.

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yeh and there cheaper, well on ebay anyway

thanks very much

What "harlzter" says plus with the Dongle it's easier to connect it to another computer if you wanted, Plus dongles are generally cheaper.

Internal cards are genrally a bit faster but most people wont notice a difference as dongles draw more power from the usb drive so its also if you are bothered with a dongle sticking out of the port and a weaker signal(since the internal ones get big aerials)

I use ]these for my wireless pcs. these are internal and easy to install, aerials are positioned under desk and in security cupboards and they pick up the wireless signal fine.

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they look like the ideal solution, and not exactly xpensive. thankyou
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