Wireless Adapter - which one?

    Need to call upon your help again please:oops:

    Further to my other thread about anti-virus and firewalls. I can't for the life of me get the old wireless adapter that I got from Wanadoo (Orange) to work with vista.

    Can anyone recommend a new one that is Windows Vista compatible? I have been looking at a few sites and its a minefield for the techophobes like me:giggle:

    Will it work ok with my orange livebox? (pls don't tell me to call Orange helpdesk as they are soooo useless:oops: )

    Thanks a lot again!


    I am afraid im not clued up on wireless adaptors and possible connectivity, but I can recommend a site where I baught my Netgear wireless adapter that hasn't failed me yet. Its called DSL Depot and they sell B-Grade items but mine came and it was perfect. Also got a router off them. Think it may be a bit hit and miss, but thumbs up from me!…e=3

    It's impossible to recommend anything, unfortunately. Reason for this is that wireless manufacturers change what goes inside their adaptors continuously, and along with the fact that much of it is made in China where the quality control is useless, you can never be sure what you're going to get.

    Netgear's 802.11g USB adaptor, for example, has now had something like four different chipsets in it. There's no visible difference between any of these adaptors. They all come in the same box, and the adaptor itself looks the same. The only difference is inside, and how well they perform. Some are really good, others, are guff. There's no way to tell which yours is going to be until you plug it in and try it out.

    So, advice? 802.11g/b/n are all standards, which means that any adaptor should be able to work without problem your Orange router. Nearly all of the wireless adaptors available now should work with Vista, although Vista support depends on the device's chipset, which again makes things a lucky dip.

    My recommendation is to take a £20 note to Currys, Comet, Dixons, PC World, Asda, Tesco, or wherever else sells wireless adaptors for not much money and has an easy returns policy, buy their cheapest model, and if it works to your satisfaction (that is, has a decent range, and doesn't drop the connection frequently) keep it, if not, take it back, and buy something from somewhere else. Maybe even buy the same thing, as the second one you buy may be based on a different chipset, and ay work a lot better than the first.

    Good luck, anyway.

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    Thanks for the replies. Will get one and give it a go:)
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