Wireless adapters?

    Hey, until now i've always used homeplugs to get my internet to my pc.
    However, i forgot to bring them with me to uni, and its going to be a while till im back.

    Looking at these little usb adapter things, we have wireless virgin router in the house here.

    Looking at buying:…tml?P36=STY7VC&affid=hotukdeals&awc=buyat&_$ja=tsid:11516|prd:hotukdeals

    do I need like a network card or anything in my PC to use it? Or can i just plug and play?

    (also any comments on that one would be great, im going to be using it for youtube, video gaming as well as usual browsing.

    Im directly above the router (say about 4 meters away?) on the second floor.


    Original Poster…tml?P36=STY7VC&affid=hotukdeals&awc=buyat&_$ja=tsid:11516|prd:hotukdeals


    Thanks, just what I was looking for.

    get some one to post them to you

    Network cards are way better than USB sticks in my experience, get a better signal and also are more often supported out of the box by windows, instead of having to install **** vendor software.
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