Wireless adapting

    1) Is there such an adapter where you can plug in an ethernt cable and make it wireless so that I could basically add wi-fi support to a blu-ray player that only has an ethernet port?? If so than what i the cheapest solution???

    2) Also, is there anyway of making a printer wireless??? If so what is the chapest means???

    Answers to either of these will be awarded rep, thanks!!!


    No 1 not sure
    no 2 there is a thing called printer wirelss server…=wf

    Yes there is but you need an ethernet socket. Use Wireless plugs that work on the Electric Mains. I have Advent 200mbps plugs cost £49 on Fleabay. I have one end plugged to my modem and the other in my Bluray happy watching You Tube Good Luck
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