Wireless AV/TV sender

Hi guys,

My parents have something you can plug into the scart output on the Sky HD box and it'll send the signal into other rooms in the house.

They only paid a small amount for them but can't remember where they got them from - does anyone know please? Cheapest I've found so far is on Ebuyer, and ideally I'd like 1 sender (from the Sky) and 2 or maybe even 3 receivers... 3x£50 is going to cost a lot ;_;



Try in Maplins or maplin.co.uk/ as they often sell the receivers separate.


I have a One for All sender/receiver that is surplus to requirements if you are interested?

I will post details and pictures when I get home later if you are. I would be looking for about £20 delivered for them (via PPG).

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