Wireless bridge for cheap?

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Found 17th Oct 2007
Any advice? Chepest i can find is around £30. I have just got a new phone from 3 and it came with a free slingbox, so i can watch tv on my phone. However my router is too far away from my tv arial, so i need a wireless bridge to link the slingbox to my netgear router.

Something around £20 would be ideal if possible, cheers!

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I have no idea if ]this is the type of thing you're looking for but it sounds like it! Sorry if it isn't

Edit: D'oh just relised it's out of stock anyway, sowee

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thanks for looking! thats just for phones though i think, i need a bridge with an ethernet input unless im mistaken, cheers!

No problem I'll have another wee look for you, sorry about the first one lol

Something like ]this?

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yeah that looks perfect, thanks! never heard of this company before, have you ever used them? seems like a great price

I've never used them but just found ]this deal post... I had a quick read through the comments and people seem quite happy with them & they sell on ebay... Also mentions they sell refurbished stuff so might be worth checking the item description properly to check it's a brand new one

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yeah it seems £10-15 cheaper than ive found elsewhere, the only potential problem is that its wireless b rather than wireless g so runs at a maximum speed of 11mb rather than 54mb. But as my internet is only around 5mb i dont see how that would be a problem unless the general speed would still be slower, i really havent a clue about that to be honest!


i really havent a clue about that to be honest!

That makes two of us then :giggle: :giggle:
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