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HI there.

Well I'm currently on AOL silver broadband(1MB). Now I got a new housemate and she also want to use the broadband. I got a desktop with no network card or wifi capability while the girl just got a new laptop from her company with wifi.

Oh AOL say they have some supported broadband router. But all of those are quite expansive since most didn't come with bundle usb adapter.

What I want to know has anyone ever used other router with AOL broadband and have no problem and easy to setup? For example like ]this router.

Thanks for your help.

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As far as i know, the router you've pointed to should be fine with AOL and both computers... But it would be helpful if someone has this kit and can let us know of any problems, if there are any Thanks!

I haven't used AOL before, but in my experience with the many internet service providers that I have used, most 3rd party hardware should work.

There are many options to share your AOL connection with your housemate. I am presuming here that you currently have a router from AOL, and that you are connecting to the internet using an ethernet (LAN) cable from your desktop -> ADSL modem -> phone line in the wall.

1) Get a wireless router & ADSL modem combo. This will allow you to replace your exisiting box with the new one, thereby saving space. Also, you can also just use an ethernet cable to connect the router/modem to your desktop.

2) Buy a wireless router. You connect this to your existing modem. I would not recommend this route as lots of things can go wrong, and it might be quite confusing to configure.

If you look around the forums, there are many router/modem combos that can be bought for less than 50 quid. Decent brands include Linksys and D-Link

I have AOL and use a Netgear wireless ADSL modem/ router which works fine.

I should think that other wireless routers will work fine with AOL but from what I gather AOL are rather fussy about which routers they recommend and provide support for...hence my netgear purchase.

If your housemate has a WI Fi laptop then surely you have no requirement for a USB adaptor as the laptop will have a wireless card installed? ..however you may have another desktop PC that you wish to connect to the wireless network...have you considered the Linskys refurbished ADSL modem/wireless router from Morgan Computers?

AOL will send you a free wireless router if you ask them. its a netgear one too. they will also drop the monthly charge from 17.99 to 14.99 - just phone them and ask!!!
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