Wireless Broadband / networking help needed

    Can anyone offer some advice
    I have cable broadband which is currently wireless in some of the house but doesn't stretch as far as upstairs or the garden. It's a us robotics router which has desktop, NAs drive and Sonos attached.
    I have a new Tenda router that is apparently Wireless N compatible which i thought may be stronger but this doesn't appear to be the case, also the Sonos can not connect through the router to the internet for some reason.
    I yesterday purchased a linkskeys wireless range booster but once home it has no apple software (for laptop) and it appears that it must be plugged into a lap top to boost the range (which seems to make it slighly less than wireless!)
    I seem to be left with a couple of options.
    Homeplug - would be useful as i could in time connect the 360 this way but can i just plug a second router into the end upstairs to extend the range?
    ethernet hub - run a cat 5 across the house to a far point and add a second router
    Any advice would be great


    I went down the homeplug route because of the thickness of the walls in my house.

    Now able to stream music at last...

    Could you get a loan of 2 homeplugs from a friend/ work colleague? I'm sure they would work anyway.


    Running an ethernet cable across the house is quite similar to using 'homeplugs' but obviously one is far cheaper and faster :). I can recommend them though they've recently come down in price and the majority of people swear by them (not literally, that's the minority who have problems).

    As for hooking something up at the other end to increase your wireless range this is possible, I'm almost sure that there's a combined wireless/homeplug kit on the market.

    You've got a couple of options, you could use 'homeplugs' to reposition your existing wireless kit (assuming your router connects via ethernet to the cable modem) - I've never had cable so not sure how they go about doing things.

    Play about a bit first though since you appear to have bought quite a bit already :o.

    Original Poster

    thanks for advice so far leaning towards cat 5 cable as it seems to be the only option that doesn't involve buying something that may not work
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