Wireless Cable Router Wanted - help please

    I'm after a cable router for Virgin broadband (has anyone got a freebie out of them?)

    I've seen one or two deals on HKUD, including the expired Linksys(?) deal from Tesco, but I'm not sure which to go for.

    I'd like to get a signal around the house (which has brick internal walls), so I guess a standard router might not be good enough?



    I have a 3 storey house and am with virgin/ntl,I faced the problem of not having enough signal strength for all floors in the house,I got one of these…468

    its brilliant,all pcs and laptops in the house pick up excellent signal and it never skips a beat,would thoroughly recommend
    and yup i tried to get a freebie router out of chance!

    ps its not the cheapest of routers but its worth its weight in gold


    I think you need to add "Wireless" in the title m8

    I'm with Virginmedia and have the Linksys Wireless N router that is the one that is referred to in your initial post and on sale with tesco. Get a very strong signal around the house.

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    Thanks for your responses
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