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Found 18th Apr 2018
Hi all,
Some interesting comments and thoughts in here.
I've had a little look into a wireless charging pads but it seems like there are many options to choose from.
Could someone please offer some assistance?
I have a Samsung s8 which I would like to charge, stood up if possible and I would like a fast charger adapter and cable to come with the charging pad.
What would people's recommendations be?

Thanks for any advice offered.
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Ravpower is a good choice, 10w or more is what you should look for but your not likely to get a charger adapter included so just make sure the charger you buy is QC 3.0 compatible.
Thanks for the reply. I will have a look for some Ravpower deals on here.
RavPower or Anker.. nothing better than those two.
gsj872 h, 55 m ago

RavPower or Anker.. nothing better than those two.

I'd addd Belkin to that list.

After trying a cheaper one, I've opted for the belkin boost-up pad, charges phone whilst still in a fairly thick leather case.
Thanks again!
Should I be purchasing these separate or looking for a bundle.

How about the genuine Samsung chargers on eBay? Are they worth a punt?
How about a deal such as this?

m.ebay.co.uk/itm…349?skus=Type:Fast Wireless Charger Plug Cable&varId=58212024
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