Wireless conection question

    Just noticed i have no password on my wireless conection how do i add a password to it?



    Mac or PC?

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    Mac or PC?

    Sorry pc


    Sorry, only good with Macs.
    Maybe you should buy a Mac?

    Enter the router' admin page, then add a password to the network?

    Google or get out the manual to your router and find the admin ip address. Enter that in your chosen browser and off you go

    what model router?


    Sorry, only good with Macs.Maybe you should buy a Mac?

    lmao, best advice ever :-D

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    Cheers for the info it's a work lap top so sod a mac

    I can't tell you exactly how to set a password without knowing the make/model of your router but I can inform you on the type of password encryption you should use when you do get into the password settings page.

    There are two popular type of password encryption for wireless networks: WEP and WPA (also WPA2)

    You should absolutely not use WEP if security is important to you. You're doing the right thing by adding a password to secure your wireless connection but using WEP will only keep out your average user - it's easily crackable by someone who knows what they're doing. WEP has been vulnerable for quite a few years now but it is still widely used and crackable by anyone with a bit of know-how and widely available tools from the internet.

    What I'd recommend is WPA or WPA2. Both are crackable, but not if you make your password strong...
    - If the password is in the dictionary, it's not a good password at all. A dictionary word password is easily cracked.
    - A dictionary word with numbers / symbols mixed in is good
    - A non-dictionary word with numbers and symbols is very good
    - A random collection of numbers, letters and symbols with no relation to any dictionary word is best (i.e. ejio78£$sd) is ideal for security - not for memorability though!!

    To strike a balance between good security and easy memorability a dictionary word with some numbers and/or symbols thrown into the mix would be ideal and good enough to keep out all but the very persistent hackers - who, in all fairness, probably aren't going to be going after residential wireless connections.

    This might not make a whole load of sense to you right now but once you get into your router's settings page, you'll see the option for WPA/WPA2/WEP and it'll all become clear!!

    Regarding setting a password: If you have the wireless router's manual, take a look in there or download the manual online. You may also find the web address for the settings page (and the accompanying login username and password) on the bottom of the router itself. Example:…jpg

    Hope that helps and good luck! :-)
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