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    My girlfriend is having trouble connecting her PC to the world wide web, although the PC is connected wirelessly. It can browse sites, but is very sluggish, will come up with error messages saying that it can't find sites like google or other well known sites.

    Her messenger says IP/DNS/ KEY PORTS aren't working... not sure of the exact wording.

    the router is a netgear v3 (white popular one :oops:) and pc is on windows xp/media centre

    there are 2 other pc's connected to the router which i believe work online okish, and she has an xbox 360 which doesn't have any problems.

    these aren't all running all at the same time, so this isn't the reason for the sluggish behaviour.

    i'm in search of a fix, thanks in advance


    grab a little program called TCP optimser- very simple to use - adjusts the PCs default internet speed options - I take it your router syncs at a high speed which is not reflected when surfing the web?

    I also take it, that you've tried swapping wireless channels?

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    take nothing for granted mr jayhab,

    what do you mean by sync'ing at high speed is that the speed that the router is connected to the pc mine is 54.0mbps.

    if that is the right thing i'll check what hers is at

    and how do i go about swapping wireless channels

    You just go into the settings page for the router, should start with '192', and change the channel to another number, e.g. change from channel 6 to channel 2. Save the settings and then see if that makes a difference.

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    I will have a quick test with my router... bye bye internet lol

    okey dokey.
    the 54mbps that you quoted is the speed that the router connects with the PC. which should always be 54mbps as I believe that is the max that your router will connect at.
    the sync speed i meant was when the router syncs with the telephone exchange.
    you will find this out by logging into the router: in the address bar usually does it - after entering the username (usually 'admin') and the router's password you need to look in router stats and see what speed the router is syncing with the exchange - i.e generally an upto 8 meg service can be anywhere from 512mbps all the way up to 8096mbps depending on how close to the exchange you are and whether or not the ISP has contention issues.
    within the router there will be an option to swap wireless channels - in my netgear it's under wireless settings. the wireless PC should be able to tell you if the channel that it's currently on is 'busy' i.e. someone else nearby is using wireless on the same or nearly the same channel - if that's the case, just swap channels and re-connect.

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    downstream - 6816kbps

    upstream - 448kbps

    was set at channel 11

    so changed that and see how it goes from there

    guess it might be a case of trial and error with the channels

    ok mate - that's a pretty good connection speed - what result do you get when you run a namesco speedtest?
    if you get about 6000kbps then you're set up correctly, any less and i'd run TCP Optimiser.
    As for the channels - what does the windows wireless manager tell you about the wireless signals in your vacinity? - it should be able to tell you which are the 'quietest' channels - i.e. if other people are using 1 2 3 7 8 9 10 etc, then the best channel for you to use would be 5.

    sounds like a classic case of a rubbish dns server.

    take a look;

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    download tests...

    dl - 805
    ul - 202

    still unsure how to find the quitest channels

    on the OH's laptop she use the Dell Wlan wireless configurer - it's a little green bar chart icon in the bottom right of the screen - one of the options is to 'site monitor ' - this basically then scans all the channels to see where it's busy. If you don't have this Dell utility, there is a windows wireless manager - i guess something similar should be in there?

    That is a very poor speed - have you tried the optimiser?
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