wireless control for wii (classic)

    is this any gud for use with the games or is it just for the net?



    I need one for Tatsunoko Vs Capcom

    I'm struggling to inderstand this thread.

    The wireless wii controller(Wii-mote) is only for the Wii games console - to play the Wii games.

    The 'Classic' controller works on games (nes,snes etc etc)you download off the Wii store - on the Wii.

    Anyone know if the classic controller works on any wii games?


    If there's a pic on the back of the game, then yes:thumbsup:

    One of your more 'necessary' posts :-D

    Cheers Stormtrooper.

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    Rite i bort my sons the wii for xmas but it only came with 1 controll sum1 said you can buy the classic control but they said they think you van only use it with then net on wii.
    (im not explaining this very well am i LOL)
    So am i rite in thinking you can use it with certain games
    Sorry for the misunderstanding

    Yes you can, some Wii games will have a little picture of the classic controller on the back.

    You also use it for the games you download with your Wii - stuff like the old mario games etc.

    I got one but never used it lol.

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    thanx -
    so it not worth really buying 1 for the kids to play games with

    [email protected];3927238

    thanx - so it not worth really buying 1 for the kids to play games … thanx - so it not worth really buying 1 for the kids to play games with:thumbsup:

    I bought one before last xmas - never used it (serious)

    Buy one if you get a download game - or find one dirt cheap maybe


    anyone know where the cheapest for these please, sorry for the hijack

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    okay thankyou robtallica and starsparkle2311 :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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