Wireless devices for other signals - do they exist?

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Found 14th Aug 2009
Just wondered if anyone knew if wireless type devices exist for other signals - i.e. TVFreeview or sky? Would be a lot easier if I could get dongles to attach to the splitter in loft and then to back of tvs andor sky boxes! And if not, is there any reason why they couldnt be made?


Were you looking for the jfk's dragons den thread:-D

You have to be careful with wireless AV senders as they use the 2.4Ghz frequency which can can cause interference problems with wireless networking. If giving them a go best to use somewhere with a good returns policy.


Indeed, as an example I picked up a fairly expensive AV sender a few years back and my Xbox 360 completely ruins the picture, even when off! It's only when you take the plug out that the very noticeable banding on the screen goes away. My wireless internet doesn't interfere as much.

Yes, I read their posts and I read yours - you were the one that suggested video senders, not me I simply was pointing out they can be problematic.


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thanks for comments so far, and yeah I do have a video sender somewhere but not what I am after. I got a scoket wired up in loft and have a booster\splitter and current aerial gives me freeview which is a bonus cos my area has poor reception but the mate who did that says it would take an awful long time to run the cables between walls as no easy way to tell in loft where walls are, and the walls dont match up between downstairs and upstairs so he just ran them outside the walls. Just got me thinking that surely there must be an easier way - he said he had thought he had heard of a pyramid type thing which sent the signal but didnt know if it was any good but guessed not as otherwise demand for getting aerial points in would drop!



I said they're not what they wanted though, as in don't buy one by … I said they're not what they wanted though, as in don't buy one by mistake.

Given I was warning against the interference problems the devices cause so I'd hardly say that counts as a recommendation especially given it was in response to your post.

nikkiandmidgets - from a quick read around the main problem with an rf sender/receiver is the bandwidth it would require, a scart sender/receiver only needs a small amount to relay the single channel which is why wireless versions of them do exist.

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