Posted 30th Nov 2022
Please guide me through or any advice on decent or reasonable ear buds or ear phones for daily wear with gym work out.
Once owned couple of years back which was some cheap chinese brand, broke with in a week. Since then always thinking to get one but always stay behind with mix reviews on budget brands.
Your help, advice, support and suggestions are highly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

Kind regards
Chilli-Pakoda (Spicy Chilli Bhaaji)
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    swear by EarFun brand Air (£35 after a discount) or Air Pro 2 (£50 after a discount) are genuinely amazing. Sound quality is really good, Pro2 have noise cancelling and it works well (to the point that I leave My Sony Mx1000 at home now)…air
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    Search for Scabir for his review site. He only does headphones and is pretty much the best of there.

    There's always a number of options in each category best under $25, 50, 100 as well as full, in depth reviews for each product.

    Fit will be a big consideration for you so consider something with adjustable "wings". I bought a pair of Anker A1's last week and was stunned at how much better the fit was than for any other tws headphones I've 2 tried so I bought a second pair!
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    Cambridge Melomania 1+, really good value for money and are significantly better than my Sony WF-1000XM3 and a WF-1000XM4 that I was able to try out.

    I bought them at £40 but that was when it was discounted/a deal.
    Thank you
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