Wireless Earbud Recommendations ?

Posted 5th Jan
Ok, so i've got some QCY QS1's and some Halyou GT1's. I'm not a great lover of the Haylou's due to the overly sensitive touch controls so I'm really only keeping them as a spare, so I'm using the QS1's full time and, as a result, the battery is starting to degrade.

A full charge will only now get me around two and a half to three hours a session where it was getting me four hours plus, so I imagine they'll eventually die soon enough.

I've got a few ideas myself of what I fancy, but i was wondering if anyone else had any good recommendations ?

I'm not looking for Airpods or to spend Airpod-like money, even though I do have an iPhone, but I'm willing to spend between £30-£50 quid on a good pair.

They have to be Bluetooth 5.0 as standard of course, but i'm open to any ideas. cheers
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I've just got the antimi s8 plus and they're pretty decent, get around 5 hrs. Sound is decent for the money and set up is a piece of cake.
I have recently tried a crowd funded pair, PaMu Slide. Very impressed with the battery life of around 8 hours with the case giving another 4-5 charges. The case isn't the most compact but for the £40-45 paid, I am very happy.

Prices are higher now that it is successful but still significantly below AirPod territory.
Thanks for those. I like those PaMu Slide's but the price now is still a lot more than i'd want to pay. The Antimi S8's look good as well.

I quite like the look of these


They're also QCY's so you know they'll be decent quality/
Mpow t5/m5's are good for their price.

£43 at the moment but often go down to £26.99 on a lightning deal. I bought them after reading comments on here about them

Wireless Earphones, Mpow T5/M5 True Wireless Headphones Featured Aptx 6D Bass Stereo Sound/Up To 42H playtime/CVC8.0/IPX7/2 Modes, TWS Bluetooth Earphones, Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case with Mic amazon.co.uk/dp/…A09
I'm digging the 8D stereo
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