Posted 28th Feb 2023
Looking for some hard wearing ear buds, enough to last approx 6 hours charge & handle being used in a manual job. Any recommendations?
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  1. cannotthinkofone's avatar
    These are great.
    Nice small earpieces, unlike others I've had these actually fit nice and snug.
    They do last for a full 8 hours with volume at moderate level. I wear them under ear defenders at work, so it's not necessary to have them at high volume.…tle
  2. Yolofknell's avatar
    I purchased Xiaomi Mi earbuds for about £8 4 years ago, still going strong and perfect for me too.
  3. regancipher's avatar
    Agree with the post above. SoundPEATS Free2 Classic and JLab Go Air Pop are probably the pick of the readily available options.

    If you're willing to wait the AliExpress shipment time, there are a couple of better value options. QCY HT05 Melobuds give you decent ANC and an 11mm LCP driver which produces some of the best sound sub £25 I've reviewed so far (you can find the review on YouTube, just search same username). Realme Buds Air 3S are also pretty good - like the others, no ANC, but you get solid app support with presets and good isolation.
  4. DBO187's avatar
    I use the soundcore P3i paid around £25
  5. regancipher's avatar
    SoundPEATS Life Classic - with code 6PEUWNDQ you can get them for £19.03. Bargain.
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    Which would you say is better 
    soundpeats life classic or Soundcore by Anker Life P2i
  6. gravyvessel1's avatar…lT8

    Had these few months, paid £18. Held up to daily use. Good fit, held up to rain/sweat, manual buttons which is a massive plus. Sound and volume is excellent, as good as £100+ ones.
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