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Posted 27th Oct
Anyone have recommendations for wireless ear phones we have iPhones so obviously the Apple have a version but at £200 a pop I’d rather spend that on my kids than just on me

has anyone used a much cheaper version that are good quality

thank you
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Do you a budget in mind? If you wanted to stay with Apple for obvious reasons you can pick them up from say somewhere like laptops direct for £139 -

Ooo that’s a really good price

I try spend as little as poss on me as I got 3 boys and 1 has football academy commitments that costs a small fortune lol
so my budget is the cheaper the better
iPhones will pair with all Bluetooth headphones, no apples required
Completely understand - I think if you look/shop around you can find them around £140 - even amazon have them at this price, but note although they are the 2nd gen AirPods this would be the wired case, the £199 you mentioned is for the wireless charging case, so worth thinking if you need it or not.

Also you can pick up the 1st gen even cheaper or there are refurb ones also for sale from places like Argos, often posted on here.

There are of course cheap AirPod knockoff which have been getting better over the years, but I’m a firm believer of you get what you pay for.

There are of course other brands, so it all depends how close you want to integrate into Apple.

I have the 1st gen and love them.
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Thank you for your help
I use a pair of SoundPEATS from amazon. They work fine with my iPhone se/ amazon fire tablet and pc. Battery life is great and although they’ve discontinued the model I bought they’re worth a go. Come with a recharging case which is handy. They’re around £30 so budget friendly.
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Have a look at the cheapies on Amazon. I’ve used a few Mpow wireless sets, the Anker ones always get a good review. I’m using a bit higher end just now with Jabra 65T Elites. Better sound but found the Mpow a better fit.
Really depend on your budget, I use the Soundbuds Slim from Anker for running/pottering around house and garden - they are acceptable sound quality and last about 6-9 months before you’ll need to replace but are only £18.
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