Wireless earphones - how not to lose them!?

Found 31st Mar
Any tips appreciated. I shelled out £20 and lost a pair of Bluetooth earphones within a week.

They are just so slight that I think the magnet that's it supposed to hold them together - a bit like a necklace - must've given in and now they are somewhere in central London

I think the best advice to myself is to not buy anymore but thought I'd ask as I'm sure (I hope) I'm not the only one!?
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Buy bigger ones that look like proper headphones that fold away. Harder to lose and can be folded and put in a case in your bag.
dedicate a pocket just for the headphones then you won't be taking things out of your pocket and so the headphones with it, which then drops away.
I've glued two small neodymium magnets to mine in the past.
You can either glue them to the earpieces or to the cables.
Don’t buy magnetic ones, they are junk.
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