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    Just wonder if anyone has the same problem as I do:

    I am currently using Broadband Router (from Maplins), I dont know if all router does this, but every now and then it just cut me off.

    I pinged a random website on Comand Prompt and it kept saying "Destination Host Unavailable / Unreachable" (cant remember which one that is)

    I was wondering anyone has the same issue ?

    Also anyone got any suggestions of what is currently the best model ?

    If you have one that is "spare" (not the one you wanted to throw in the bin :lol:, I made that clear lol ) It would be cool if you can get in touch.

    Offers please



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    I really would appreciate help


    i have the same problem mate.

    I bought a d-link 624+ a couple years ago when the wireless G standard was finalised. Occassionally it throws the head up - i went looking for a replacement, but when i looked at the gripe pages for most manufactures the same story shows up.

    Tthe router would occassionally freeze and even though it said it was connected - there would be "limited or no connectivity"
    you might accept that line if you were trying to connect by wireless, but the computer in question is THE MASTER, attached by cable.

    My only recommendation is to reboot the router, pull the power lead for 10 mins and let it cool off. Then plug the power back in and restart you 'puter. If this doesn't work - bring it back to maplin and start yelling. Works for me!

    My friend has a linksys, they are pretty good - but I don't really think a home user needs the MIMO wireless routers at the moment, especially since the two antenna on the router can cause interference with ]each other!


    You with NTL by any chance?

    Log on to the manufacturers website. their might be a firmware update to solve the problem:wink:

    Have you exceeded the REN of four on your phone line?

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    Mine's with NTL 4mb. Apparently there was nothing wrong with them, I rang and complained and ended up finding out it was the router that ******ed things up.

    It happens occasionaly, it's just a pain, but can live with it, and could do with something decent!

    Yeah, NTL always just blame the router apparently. You can almost hear their eyes light up over the phone as soon as you mention having a router, although I swear we had the same problems with it randomly cutting out on us before we got the router. Usually it's just a case of turning the set top box on and off to get it working again, although occasionally the router needs a reset too...

    It could be router, could be NTL...
    From my past NT[hel]L experience I learned that sometimes you need to specify a proxy.
    Take a look at this page and select one of proxies (not necesserily the closest one to you).

    As to router - it would be great if you would provide some more information such as: router model/make and your usage pattern. Are you heavy P2P user?
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