Wireless headphones £250 budget

Posted 16th Dec 2019
Look for some decentre wireless over ear headphones with good bass and sound quality. Budget £259 would appreciate some tips?

So many options on the market too confusing :s
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Sony 1000XM3
As Shrekt has said the Sony WH-1000xm3's if noise cancelling is up your street.

I suspect a lot of people on this site are watching to see if they are reduced to around £200 (without price match)

Bose QC35 II's are worth a mention too in the same category.

Personally - go for the Sony over the Bose - genuinely are the best headphones I’ve ever owned
If you are looking at either of these, go try them on and give them a test.
I was leaning towards the Sony’s but they just didn’t feel that nice compared to the Bose.

I found that they Were so similar in other ways that the feel and fit was what decided it in the end
I have Sony wh900n noise cancelling and have no complaints! Hubby had the Bose qc35 and he prefers my ones. I paid £99 on Amazon treasure truck. I think they're on offer at Richer sounds for 139 at the moment. My bro borrowed them and he's now in the market for a pair, but hoping for the 1000xm3! They do seem to hold their price....
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