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    Hi all,

    I recently bought some Philips SBC-HC84445 but they have a terrible whistling when watching programs. Doea nyone know of either some good wireless heaphones that dont whistle or how to fix my own.

    Thanks People!


    I take it the above are FM wireless, I had a cheap pair of FM ones from eBuyer, and found them quite bad, a lot of interference. I then bought 2 pairs of Philips SHC2000 Infrared headphones, which work much better.
    Yes you need to be in line of sight with the transmitter, but I have no problems using them on the PC and TV in the bedroom. Very good sound for the price, approx £7 inc Delivery for new ones off eBay. Also come with rechargeable batteries, you just plug the headphones into the transmitter to recharge. At the time there were lots going each day, may be worth a look...

    Sennheiser are brilliant, I tried some of my mates, I personally am not into this sort of thing but he got some from about a year ago and I had a go of them.

    Cost him about £40 or so but the sound was great, no interferance and they were crystal clear.

    Play don't seem to sell them anymore but Amazon do, he had these ones - PC110:…sim

    Here are the PC120 (Not sure of the difference):…sim

    And the 130:…sim

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    ok bringing this topic back up now im getting sick of the static/white noise (not sure what its called) that my phillips fm headphones are picking up, its so loud i cant use them to watch tv just music. So who can point me in the right direction for some that dont make a noise? Thanks
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