Wireless headphones for Grandad!

    I am after some wireless headphones for my Grandad for use with his TV - I would also like them to be able to recharge themselves rather than have batteries that he has to replace. I've looked at the Sennheisser 120's but they are a little too good for his needs I would say (he's got a hearing aid so I guess his hearings not great anyway) - ant run of the mill models anybody can recommend? He would'nt be wandering around the house like with music so direct line of sight IR ones could be an option too, as long as they recharge themselves.



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    BUMP - Anybody got any ideas? My choice seems to be between 5 quids worth of rubbish off of ebay or £60 quid for Sennheissers, theres very little in-between. Thanks

    see the other thread on the deals page.

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    Thanks guys - these Phillips dont look a bad deal, cheers…440

    The Sennheisser 120's are under £45 delivered from ebuyer, if you use google checkout.

    We got some Panasonic RP-WF810H instore at Tesco Extra a few weeks ago and are very pleased with them. They were reduced to £15.00. Might be worth a look.

    If he has a hearing aid you should definetely ask your GP if headphones are ok to use as he'll probably be watching TV every day and with headphones it may worsen his hearing for the worse.
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