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Im looking for a decent set of wireless headphones to help me re-ignite my home studio that has gone unused for a few years now, mainly coz of the noise lol! Have been looking into various brands and the AKG K506s and Sennheiser 140s look brill, but i unfortunately just havent got £100+ bucks to justify spending on them (kids now lol). Perhaps i should be looking more at the lower end Sennheisers that seem to get ok reviews for just single set, low distance, med volume headphones. So then are there and good prices available like the RS110s that went on Play recently for £18 then £25.

Even better, coz i know there are a few peeps that impulse bought the 110s, are there any of u guys that wanna get rid of them now coz theyre sat unused ? Anyone help and old techno head out so i can get grooving again ?




I was going to order these but he sold them all. he has got some RS120s though for £39.99

I can't spare it at the momoent but I'm keeping my eye open for the RS110's at £25 again

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page not found m8. Have u checked that link ?

No worries got it off the ID ;-)

Seems the 120s have gone up to £49.99 now though :-(

Yeah sorry it prob was £49.

I'm just gonna wait a while

Try ]Here good luck!
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