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    I currently have Virgin Media "Large" which is 10 megs. I have my Xbox 360 and my laptop connected to the Netgear WGR614v9 router that came free. I went away for a fortnight, when I came back, I've been having all sorts of problems with the xbox. When I switch it on and try to go live, it will not work until I take out the wireless adaptor and put it back in, then it connects everytime. However, when trying to check out the marketplace, I get the error message "Some content is temporarily unavailable at this time" with error code: 80072ee2. Dashboard content takes forever to load, and I often get game freezes when playing online. I've checked my NAT settings on the router, this is set to open, but still nothing. I just did a line speed test and it came back saying my download speed is 9.82 Megs, and upload is 0.8.

    Can anyone please help????


    If it's just the xbox, and the laptop is having no problems then I'd suspect the xbox wireless adapter has broken.

    When you say it 'doesn't work' initially then what happens? Do you get any sort of error message?

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    Laptop is fine yeah, which is whats confused me! I usually go to test connection, and I get a red cross instantly saying that theres a problem with my connection and takes me down the troubleshooting option - so no error or status codes at that stage. But like I say, if I unplug the adaptor and plug it back in, it connects fine.....

    I have no issue with getting a new adaptor, as long as I know that is the problem, if that makes sense?

    I would connect the router via a ethernet cable just to make sure and see how xbox live is then

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    connect the 360 to the router you mean?
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