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    Good morning! a friend is after a 'cheapy' hub, with wireless.

    A 4 way will probably do it! I have an Apple Airport at home myself, which I got for free so have never looked for a wireless point before.

    4x RJ45 Ports

    Any recomendations on a good model/make? How much? blah blah blah

    Is it cheaper to get something similar to an Airport with just 1 RJ45 port, then buying a cheap hub seperate?



    ]This Netgear WRG614 will do nicely. Four ports, wireless G, £33 including delivery. Google around and you might be able to find it cheaper after P&P.

    It might be possible to buy two devices and combine them, but in the best case, you're only likely to save a couple of quid, which wouldn't be worth the clutter and hassle.

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    thanks DXX! Repped for your efforts…355

    im using this one, its small and great, no problems with it what so ever, it has 4 ports, and it send outs a wireless signal as well, might be the same price @ PC world as well unsure
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